Guardian Lite Router Set-Up


Step 1

Remove all items from box and remove packaging.

Step 2

Insert the clear plastic stand in either the bottom or side of the router. The stand can be installed to position the router horizontally or flat depending on your preference.

Step 3

Place the Guardian router within 1 Meter of your home broadband router.

Step 4

Connect the right angled power adapter to the guardian router and plug the three pin power adapter into an available plug socket near by.

Step 5

Connect the network cable to Port 1 on the Guardian router.

Step 6

Connect the other end of the network cable to any available port on your home broadband router.

Step 7

Check there is a green light to the left of the single dot on the router.

Step 8

Inform your IT department that you have connected the guardian router so they can confirm it has checked in. your IT department will explain what you need to do to connect to the secure network.