Stagecoach Group Case Study

Simplifying Tablet Deployment & Management


Discover how Stagecoach Group, a leading UK transport firm, overcame resource constraints and improved their fleet support with the help of Simovate’s Managed Tablet Service (MTS).

Download our case study to learn how our tablet service enabled Stagecoach to:

Streamlined Fleet Support

Discover how we helped Stagecoach deploy approximately 1,500 new tablets to their engineering team to deliver improved support to their fleet of over 8,000 buses and vehicles.

Enhance Productivity

Discover how the integration of tablets and reliable multi-network connectivity empowered Stagecoach's engineers to work productively from more locations.

Overcome Resource Constraints

Disover how Stagecoach partnered with Simovate to overcome resource constraints, allowing their IT team to focus on high-priority projects.

Improve Cashflow & Savings

Explore how Stagecoach achieved cost certainty and improved cashflow by adopting the MTS fixed cost monthly rental model, saving on device, connectivity, and support expenses.

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